Puppies up and on their feet!

Pinta's puppies have now open their eyes and are up on their somewhat unsteady legs. They are getting steadier and more confident with their walking every day. All are gaining weight at an appropriate rate.


Puppies have arrived!

Both Sombra and Pinta had their puppies! The puppies are growing every day and it always amazes me how quickly they grow. Both mothers are being excellent at their care of the pups and Pinta is even being a fill in mom for one of Sombra's babies. Must run Pinta is trying to get my attention to go outside.


Puppies Coming

We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our two litters around July 21, 2010. Both girls are doing well with their pregnancies and their ultra-sounds showed us lots of puppies.

We will be getting the nursery ready in plenty of time for the new arrivals


Puppies going Home!

It is always a time of mixed feelings when our puppies go to their new homes. We are very happy to see them go to the loving adoptive families and it makes us feel good to see how happy those families are at getting thier new puppies. However, at the same time we are a bit sad to see them leave their birth home and us after nine weeks of care, attention and lots of love.

We have heard from many of the families on how their new family members are doing over their first few days and it seems everyone is adjusting very well to their new life.

We are planning on a new litter for the fall of 2009 so stay tuned for more information later on the potential parents.


Puppies rule!

At five and a half weeks old the puppies are now in the most active part of the house, the kitchen! They find it fun to run around the island chasing each other and following us around. They rule their little kingdom. They eat in record time and are all getting quite big.

The fun thing lately is visits from children who are helping to get the puppies socialized. It is sometimes hard for the parents to get the children to leave even when the pups have gotten tired out and are sleeping.

We are expecting a visit from Cody's mom and dad this week, we can hardly wait!