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Puppies are growing fast!

Sombra's puppies are all over three pounds now and their eyes are open and they are able to toddle across their whelping box. The have started to interact a bit with each other and come to see us and interact a bit with us as well.

Sombra continues to be a doting mother and has allowed grandma Poca, Aunt Pinta and Tigre to come see her babies. Grandma Poca has given a hand at cleaning the little guys on a few occasions.

Poca is showing signs of her pregnancy and is being very needy right now. She likes to stay close to me around the house and is very insistent on getting cuddles.

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It's awsome that Sombra is a great mother and that she is letting the other dogs see her babies and letting Poca give them a bath. I was just wondering if there was any more pictures of the little puppies?


March 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAllison Bennett

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